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$3/Day Epigenetic Stem Cell Therapy REVERSES Aging

Elite athletes, Silicon Valley masters of the universe, and deep-pocketed hospital patients are turning to stem cell therapy to empower their health, fix injuries and address chronic conditions.

It’s not cheap, it runs between $2500 - $5000 (and sometimes a lot more) for a clinical injection of stem cells. Stem cell therapy is used to...

  • “Cure” arthritis as it regenerates deteriorating joints.
  • Rebuild broken legs, arms, and dysfunctional knees.
  • Fortify bone marrow transplants.
  • Arrest and reverse cognitive decline.
  • Treat chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

The major criticism of these stem cell therapies is that you’re injecting someone else’s stem cells, the best source of stem cells is always your own, unfortunately, the only place to get those is your umbilical cord. Before a four-figure visit to a stem cell clinic, is there a better option for stimulating the stem cells you already have?

There is a whole lot more affordable stem cell therapy option, which some of the top anti-aging scientists in the world, like Harvard’s David Sinclair PhD, are optimistic will advance longevity and healthspan...

NMN - The Epigenetic Vitamin for Stem Cell Stimulation

An article appeared recently in the respected journal Nature, about an ongoing landmark human clinical trial in Tokyo, that draws the connection between the vitamin Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) and stem cell function.

  • NMN feeds us the NAD+ molecule that our genome needs to epigenetically switch on or off the right genes at the right time via the Sirtuins, notably SIRT1.
  • Stem cell function is downstream of epigenetic function. Our genes are pretty smart, they’ve been around for billions of years and they often know exactly where the stem cells need to go to transform into brain cells, blood cells or immune cells.
  • But, this all breaks down as the decades pass; our bodies get worse at converting NAD+ from Vitamin B3 which it is derived from.

Next to injecting NAD+ intravenously, NMN is the most direct way to give our bodies a little extra of this crucial epigenetic cofactor.

You might say...

I’m skeptical, why haven’t I heard of this stuff? What are the side effects?

NMN is a derivative of Vitamin B3, it’s an unpatented molecule, so big pharma is not going to roll out a billion-dollar advertising and PR campaign for it. Unless your doctor closely follows anti-aging research, they won’t know about it. 

More importantly, it’s side effect free and non-toxic even at higher dosages, according to the studies done on it thus far and meaningful abundance of anecdotal evidence.

NMN Reverses Aging, quantifiably

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - and in regards to NMN the evidence is abundant.

Infinite Age offers lab-verified pure NMN capsules and powder.

Our $48 product has 60 250 milligrams capsules, the daily recommended dose of NMN is between 500 - 1000 milligrams - some people take a lot more - but there’s excellent anecdotal evidence that this range has a transformative effect. Thus, the daily cost comes out to between $1.60 and $3.20.


Here’s what our customers saying about it...

57 going on 30 years old - D. Speight

“I may be the "youngest looking" 57 year old in Florida, but my body rarely feels like the 30 year old it resembles. When I read a few of the reviews about how quickly one could feel the results, I was skeptical. Not anymore! So the supplement option was already appealing to me. While I don't expect this to be an instant "fountain of youth," I'm optimistic it might come close in the long term.”


Want to feel younger with a boost of energy? - Angelo

“Infinite Age's PURE NMN supplement should be included in anyone's supplement regimen. I noticed clearer thoughts, increase energy levels, and improved recovery time. I am half a century old and being able to keep pushing throughout the everyday grind, it allows me to reach my goal of retirement much sooner; Infinite Age PURE NMN is one supplement to give a try.”


Fantastic Product, Great Effects - Logan Tibbetts

“I have many years of experience trying a broad range of supplements, and so I have a lot of experience testing for effects and avoiding placebo, as well as many points for comparison. When starting, I was expecting a slight increase in energy or mild effects on my cognition. Instead, I have felt a substantial boost of (non-stimulating) energy, meaningfully improved clarity and quality of my thoughts, brightened mood, and most surprising to me, a pretty noticeable reduction in the day-to-day aches and pains that I, unfortunately, live with. Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed with Infinite Age's NMN.”


Didn’t expect it to work so quickly!! - Eric G

“I have tried many supplements over the years and have yet to come across something as profound as this!!! Within about 1 hour out of nowhere, I felt this sense of positivity and just overall felt great. Something I couldn't explain as I never just felt "good" without being able to point out exactly why of how. I feel naturally energetic and the normal nagging pain in my neck isn’t there...”




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