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5 Science-Backed Stoic Tips for a Flat Belly Fast

Are mirrors screaming...

“Lose some weight!”

At you?

These 5 tips are demonstrated in both published scientific studies, clinical trials and in the self-experimentation biohacking community online as effective in burning fat and slimming the belly.


These are Stoic tips, if you’re willing to embrace some temporary discomfort, it doesn’t have to take years trudging away on the treadmill, you can lose weight surprisingly fast.



When you abstain from eating your body has to go into its caloric energy stores, your round belly! Increasingly the top metabolic science is finding that a daily 12 - 16 hour intermittent fast puts prompts your body to stop storing fat and start burning it. Skip breakfast, and have a late lunch and do the rest of your eating and snacking in a daily 8-hour window. The first time you do an intermittent fast, you’ll be a little uncomfortable and have food cravings but you’ll quickly get used to it. The same goes for 24-hours fasts which you’ll want to do either once weekly or monthly depending upon how badly you want to lose weight - fasting from lunch to lunch is easier.


Cold Showers 

Our next very uncomfortable fat burning tip is a little cold thermogenic shock. This hormesis (positive stress) prompts your body to burn fat. Spend the 1st one to two minutes of your shower shivering in the coldest water you can stand.


Do some High-Intensity Interval Training

Cutting edge exercise science has found that less is sometimes more, especially in the case of HIIT, intense cardio training sessions lasting less than 30 minutes and sometimes as little as 4 minutes. A study that was published in the Journal of Obesity found it makes a big difference in fat loss.


Cut Out Sugar and Bread

Processed, sugary foods and white flour-based bread products in colorful packaging are the worst dietary offenders. Laboratory spectroscopy analysis of these kinds of foods reveals that they are rife with toxins that cause chronic inflammation and obesity.  Cut this crap out totally. Even “whole grain” or “gluten-free” bread is probably contributing to your belly fat.


Perhaps you’ve already tried some of these four lifestyle interventions for combating obesity and they didn’t work for you. Or maybe they worked some but then they stopped working and you gained back the weight. The problem may lay in your epigenome, the capacity of your body to switch on and switch off the right genes at the right time...


NMN - An Epigenetic Vitamin for Rapid Weight Loss

Our bodies rely on a natural form of Vitamin B3 to activate genes for metabolism, stress response, digestion, immunity and many, many other functions. Over time our bodies become less effective at absorbing and utilizing this vitamin, the NAD+ molecule. There’s a couple of ways to get extra NAD+ but the most effective and affordable is taking NMN, it’s direct precursor, as a supplement.

What the science saying about NMN...

  • NMN research is the brainchild of Harvard anti-aging scientist, David Sinclair Ph.D., who has published 7 papers on it.
  • Over 300 published scientific papers draw a connection between the NAD+ molecule and obesity.
  • NMN alters the mitochondrial dynamics of the SIRT3 gene which has everything to with our metabolic function.
  • In a Harvard maternal obesity study, it outperformed exercise for weight loss and in reversing metabolic dysfunction.
  • It fixes resistance, according to a 2019 paper on its therapeutic applications, which also noted s 4% - 9% decrease in weight in animal studies - that might not sound like a lot but numerous NMN users are losing a lot more weight.

What NMN users are saying...


“My weight began to drop within a couple of days. Within weeks I felt that I was shedding belly fat and noticed a visible flattening of my tummy.”

“At that time, I also noticed an increase in strength, endurance and muscle size.  By the end of the program, I weighed 208 and I believe that I had lost around 20 lbs. of fat and replaced it with around 12 lbs. of muscle.”

“Several months into the original regimen of NMN my neighbors were stopping me and commenting that I was looking healthier, younger, more energetic, buff, really good, etc.”


A. Dawber:

“From the first day I tried it, I noticed a difference in my energy level. I'm 57 years old, and my metabolism appears to be changing for the better. I have not changed my diet habits, yet I am losing weight, 14 lbs in 4 weeks. That time span is indicative of permanent loss. My wife has lost 9 lbs...”



“I've been taking NMN for 6 months now and notice a huge difference in my health from when I began... After about 6-8 weeks I noticed the fat burning kicking in and weight has been staying off even with cheat days and happy hours!”


Juliana Davila:

“I like this product because I'm a lazy person and this made me more active, also it has helped me to lose a little weight, so I'm happy with that.”


WOW! Feel 1000 times better! - Amazon Review:

“I am on my first week and only taking half a dose (125 mg) just to test sensitivity... All positive effects so far. Excited to see impact on health, weight and overall well being.”


Best supplement I've ever had - Joe on Amazon:

“This product is unbelievable, it cured my friend’s spider veins she's had on her legs, hair - thicker and darker - Less diabetes or better diabetic health”

You might be thinking...

This stuff sounds too good to be true! Why haven’t I heard of it before? What sorts of side effects are there?

It’s an unpatented, natural vitamin so big pharma isn’t going to be advertising it on television anytime soon nor will your doctor be prescribing it unless they keep up with the latest anti-aging research.

Side effects are minimal to non-existent (a few places around the internet people report increased appetite) as it doesn’t directly hack our biology by stimulating hormones or neurotransmitters, it works by feeding us a little more of this natural molecule that we need for optimal epigenetic function, allowing our bodies to turn on and off the right genes at the right time. It just empowers our bodies to do what our bodies do naturally. 

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