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7 Anti-Aging Hacks that Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know About

You don’t have to be a millionaire to live in marvelous health for a long time (and look good while doing so!)

The pharmaceutical-hospital industrial complex would prefer that you took their overpriced drugs daily, regularly spent time in their $2000/night hospital rooms and then died, after suffering for a decade or two, of a chronic (and preventable) disease. No thanks!

It’s important to understand that anti-aging is not about being kept alive well past your expiration date in a decrepit state of health. It’s about elongating youth and healthspan, it’s about being able to go hiking with your great-grandchildren one day and maybe even beating them in whatever sort of mindblowing virtual reality videogames they’ll love playing. What follows are some biohacking safe bets for anti-aging, longevity, and prevention of the chronic health conditions statistically most likely to knock you off.


We don’t often think about how biologically abnormal it is that we are eating all the time. For many thousands of years, your ancestors spent a lot of their generally unpleasant lives hungry. They would often go for days without a full, satiating meal. When you give your body regular breaks from the metabolic load of processing food into energy, your body can divert its energies towards healing and maintenance. There are two fasting strategies well worth habituating 1) Intermittent daily fast - Skip breakfast and do all your eating and snacking in an 8-hour daily window 2) 24-hour fasting - Once or twice monthly fast from lunch to lunch, giving your body a full day of restorative maintenance. 

Adaptogenic Herbs

It’s a really smart idea to regularly consume organic herbal medicines which have been used historically since time immemorial by different cultures around the world. They are called “Adaptogens” because they feed your body what it needs to adapt to handle stressors, both internal and external. The most notable effects of the adaptogens are stress management, they will make you very cool under fire, and fortifying immunity, making you all the more resilient from and resistant to disease. The best Adaptogen is probably Rhodiola Rosea, but there’s a whole spectrum of herbs, each with different effects worthy of your consideration.

Toxin-Free Coffee

Coffee can be one of the most healthy things you consume daily if it’s good stuff. Coffee is a powerful natural antioxidant. Reasonable amounts of caffeine (less 5 cups daily of coffee) will empower your health and morning productivity. The problem is that most coffee is crap, it’s rife with mycotoxins that harm your health and cause anxiety. These toxins also make coffee taste bad, which is why most people have to add so many sugary additives to stomach the stuff. Drink the best organic, toxin-free stuff that you can afford daily, this simple pleasure can also be one of the healthiest.

Sleep Hacking

Bad sleep kills. If you awake and spend your first hour of the day feeling groggy and sleepy, you’re getting bad sleep. After a night of real sleep, you should awake feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. In the hours before bedtime, a few lifehacks will make a big difference in your sleep quality...

  • Avoid bright screens, install screen dimmer apps.
  • Turn off your lights, use candles for illumination.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode and switch off your wifi router.
  • Do some mindfulness meditation to soothe your nervous system.
  • Take some safe sleep supplements; Magnesium, Ashwagandha, CBD, etc

Vitamin C and D

These two Vitamins make a huge difference in health long term. Unless you eat hundreds of dollars a week in the highest quality organic food you’re probably not getting enough of them. Take ample Vitamin C and D, up the dosage in the cold winter months when your immune system needs some extra. Vitamin D has a crucial cofactor that you need daily, which is discussed next...

Your “Light” Diet

Just like you avoid junk food, you want to avoid junk light. Your Mitochondria, the fundamental energy generation system of the body, are profoundly affected by the kind of light you’re exposed to. Especially during the evenings, avoid bright fluorescent light and especially blue light. The antidote to ubiquitous crappy light is UVB red light that mimics natural sunlight. UVB light is the crucial cofactor of Vitamin D, without sufficient quality light, your body cannot properly convert and utilize supplemental Vitamin D, which is many get sick during the darker winter months.

A red light therapy device is a smart investment, using one a couple of moments a day can improve your skin, heal achy joints and even address chronic diseases like Diabetes.

NMN - The Epigenetic Anti-Aging Vitamin

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is a fancy name for a B-Vitamin derivative that converts into the crucial NAD+ molecule that your actual genes need. Perhaps you’ve implemented some of the other lifestyle biohacks listed but were disappointed in the results in overall health. This is where epigenetics come into play, epigenetics are the capacity of our bodies to turn on and off the right genes at the right time. Especially as we age, our genes tend to get stuck turned on or off and our health declines even while we are eating right, exercising and implementing our doctors’ advice. NMN is the most bioavailable and absorbable form of the crucial chemical our genes need to switch on and off.


The top anti-aging scientists in the world in places like Harvard University are increasingly recognizing NAD+ and it’s precursors as a piece to the anti-aging puzzle. Even while top universities around the world advance exciting longevity science with NAD+ studies, you won’t see NMN advertised on television anytime soon because big pharma can’t patent it, manufacturer it for $2 and mark it up to $100.


NMN is not an unproven “research chemical”, while it’s a newer anti-aging tool it’s been used by thousands in the biohacker community online, here’s just what some of our customers are reporting...

57 going on 30 years old - D. Speight

“I may be the "youngest looking" 57 year old in Florida, but my body rarely feels like the 30 year old it resembles. When I read a few of the reviews about how quickly one could feel the results, I was skeptical. Not anymore! So the supplement option was already appealing to me. While I don't expect this to be an instant "fountain of youth," I'm optimistic it might come close in the long term.”


Fantastic Product, Great Effects - Logan Tibbetts

“I have many years of experience trying a broad range of supplements, and so I have a lot of experience testing for effects and avoiding placebo, as well as many points for comparison. When starting, I was expecting a slight increase in energy or mild effects on my cognition. Instead, I have felt a substantial boost of (non-stimulating) energy, meaningfully improved clarity and quality of my thoughts, brightened mood, and most surprising to me, a pretty noticeable reduction in the day-to-day aches and pains that I, unfortunately, live with. Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed with Infinite Age's NMN.”


Didn’t expect it to work so quickly!! - Eric G

I have tried many supplements over the years and have yet to come across something as profound as this!!! Within about 1 hour out of nowhere, I felt this sense of positivity and just overall felt great. Something I couldn't explain as I never just felt "good" without being able to point out exactly why of how. I feel naturally energetic and the normal nagging pain in my neck isn’t there.”


Daniel Jones

“I’m only halfway through the bottle and I can already say that I have improved energy in the gym, more energy throughout my day, reduced stiffness and pain in my joints, as well as an increase in endurance and stamina. I’m excited to see how I feel after finishing the bottle and I look forward to stay looking young after continuing this superior supplement.”


Want to feel younger with a boost of energy? - Angelo

“Infinite Age's PURE NMN supplement should be included in anyone's supplement regimen. I noticed clearer thoughts, increase energy levels, and improved recovery time. I am half a century old and being able to keep pushing throughout the everyday grind, it allows me to reach my goal of retirement much sooner; Infinite Age PURE NMN is one supplement to give a try.”


Amazon Review

“I notice an overall sense of well being, increase in mood, energy, sleep, and digestion. It’s one of those items you don’t know you need until you take it!”

About Infinite Age

We’re a small, lean anti-aging company based in the USA. But more importantly, we are biohackers, we simply sell the highest quality, proven tools for health that we can get our hands on. We personally use daily and share with our loved ones our NMN and C60 products.


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