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8 Unknown Tips for Fixing Leaky Gut, IBS and Delightful Digestion

Food can be one of the sublimest pleasures in life but it shouldn’t come at the cost of digestive disorder.

Luckily, you’re not sentenced to a life of living with a leaky gut or irritable bowel syndrome. All manner of gastrointestinal dysfunction can be made right with a multi-pronged approach which brings your gut biome into a state of tranquility and optimizes the gut-brain connection.


Listen to Your Tummy

Firstly, often your digestive dysfunction is your body trying to tell you something; stop eating toxic crap! Processed, toxic, gluten-rife foods are infamous for causing unpleasant acid reflux and bloating. This is your body’s way of telling you That’s not food! Please feed me real food!

Say NO to Supermarket Antiacids

For decades the mainstream solution to digestion issues was just to drop a few antacid tablets. These are really just a bandaid solution, that suppresses symptoms and there’s some serious concern about them actually causing cancer. In 2019 the popular antacid Zantac made by GlaxoSmithKline was pulled from store shelves by authorities when it was found to contain the toxic nitrosamine NDMA, largely recognized as a cancer-causing carcinogen.

Cut out sweets and booze

Sweet, sugary processed foods and especially booze feed the bad bacteria in your gut causing things like candida overgrowth. 

Activated Charcoal

If you’re going to indulge in a bit of gluttony, enjoying a cheat meal occasionally, you can make atonement by taking a tablet or two of activated charcoal which cleans up gastrointestinal disease causing endotoxins.

Kick the Cruciferous Creatins

Raw broccoli, spinach, and kale are marvelously nutritious, right? Actually, cruciferous greens can be a part of the problem, especially when they aren’t cooked. Try cutting these greens from your diet (or at least cutting back on them) for a week and monitor how your gut responds.

Digest like a Pro with Probiotic Foods

While you’re starving the bad bacteria in your gut you want to feed the good guys down with probiotic foods; probiotic yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, sip on some tasty Turkish kefir or Russian Kvass.

Get some more prebiotic fiber sources in your diet; sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, asparagus, and tummy-lovin’ pumpkin.

Be Discriminating with Dairy

The very pedestrian pasteurized dairy products on offer at your grocery store are problematic. Industrially produced milk, cheese, and most butter are not doing your gut any favors. The flip side to eating, for example, too much tasty probiotic yogurt is that you may run into some dairy intolerance. Everybody has their own level of intolerance to dairy, try cutting it out totally and see how your digestion does.

BPC-157 - A Gut-Brain Axis Biohack for Total Gut Health

BPC-157 can do wonders for a cantankerous gut and gastrointestinal system. If you suffer from leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome or digestion issues it's a safe bet solution.

  • It’s a gastric pentadecapeptide which is produced in the gut naturally. But sometimes we don’t have enough of it.
  • BPC-157 assuages gut inflammation, a 2017 Croatian paper identified its mechanism in addressing our stress response which manifests in all sorts of digestion dysfunction. 
  • An earlier paper explored the evidence for its anti-ulcerative effects and therapeutic value in addressing inflammatory bowel disease.
  • It may counter the gut-lining destroying effects of NSAIDs like Advil and Ibuprofen.
  • It’s side effect free. In the clinical studies done thus far, no toxicity or negative side effects have been noted. Encouragingly, online there’s an abundance of meticulous BPC-157 user reports which align with the studies - there’s a stark lack of people reporting side effects.


What biohackers are saying...


Jeff Robinson

“I’ve been using BPC 157 and TB 500 for over a month now and have seen significant improvement in gut problems. Initially started for some lingering muscular injuries but was aware of gut-healing potential with BPC. I’ve been blown away with the benefits I’ve seen. Typical food sensitivities I’ve been dealing with for years have pretty much vanished.”


Drew Wittler

“I’ve had great success with the oral supplement and quite honestly have found it to be easier on my gut/digestion opposed to injection...”


Ben Greenfield

“I've had great success with the oral supplement and quite honestly hav found it to be easier on my gut/digestion opposed to injection”


Kevin Brown

“I also had some gut issues and minor hemorrhoid problems... In the first 4 days [of BPC-157 use] my gut seemed to have returned to being cast iron. I no longer have problems with foods that were causing me distress. Less gas and almost no annoying problems that come with hemorrhoids almost no blood when wiping and just a totally calm gut and normal output.”


A London Biohacker

[BPC] has already worked perfectly for my gut issues and depression...”

Cutting-Edge BPC NOW In Capsule Form

Around the internet, you’ll find BPC-157 sold as an injectable peptide. This involves using a needle and going through the tricky process of mixing the powdered peptides in bacteriostatic water very carefully to avoid compromising the very molecularly fragile peptides. When buying peptides online you also have to be worried about buying phony BPC.

We simplify things with this capsuled BPC manufactured in the USA

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