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9 Surprising Lifehacks for Recovering from a Grueling Workout

It’s one of my favorite feelings in the world, leaving the gym after an arduous training session. I’m still sweaty, my blood rushes through my veins, my muscles are satisfyingly spent. My head is clear, my mind clear, the petty stress and anxieties of life are gone, not having survived the domain of iron. Little else in this life makes me feel more alive.

What sucks is the recovery.

The crick in my neck.

The sore shoulders the next day.

The strain of climbing stairs after leg day.

The tendon fatigue in my hands.

The muscle spasm while I’m making love to my wife.

The lingering strained elbow that protests every time I rest my arm on a table.


Not only is recovery an annoying discomfort, but it also costs us time that we would rather be spending in the gym. Depending on the severity, it keeps you from getting back to the weights for days (or weeks!)


The good news is that recovery can be fast-forwarded, micro-injuries can be mitigated and soreness can be soothed with these lifehacks...


More Sleep

Sleep is crucial, it’s when your body rebuilds your muscles. The night following a workout, give yourself extra sleep. Go to bed a little early, turn off your alarm clock and give yourself permission to sleep in if you need an extra hour of restorative sleep.


Cold Therapy

Acute thermogenic shock has a well-proven capacity to stimulate rapid recovery and healing. No, you don’t have to go to a fancy cryotherapy facility, a 2-minute cold shower or a dip in a cold pool will make a difference.


Use a Foam Roller

After a workout spend a couple of minutes on the ground rolling your body and muscles over a foam roller, this will work out a lot of knots and strain out of your muscles.


Inversion Hanging

After a grueling leg, hanging with your body inverted upside down for 10-15 minutes can assuage swelling in the lower body. If you don’t have access to a fancy inversion table, you can try some inversion yoga poses or just elevate your legs, lay on the floor against a wall with your legs vertical.



While you have an urge to eat after a gym session, clinical studies of both endurance and weight training athletes show that some fasting helps. The day after a gym session do an intermittent style fast, skip breakfast and abstain from food and snacking for 14-16 hours.


Eat Clean

For about 24-hours after working out staunchly resist the temptation to pig out on pizza or indulgent junk food. Feed your body the high-quality nutrition it craves; protein, carbs and organic greens so It has the best building blocks to rebuild with your muscles with.


Supplement Vitamin C

Research has consistently shown that some extra Vitamin C makes a difference in recovery because of the crucial role it plays in the reconstitution of connective tissue, it’s a collagen cofactor.



Before your wave Acupuncture away as wuwu silliness, you’ll want to consider that it was demonstrated in a Taiwanese clinical trial of 30 athletes as effective in enhancing muscle fatigue recovery. Many elite athletes swear by it, may be worth trying!


C60 Olive Oil - A (Tasty!) Natural Anti-Aging Hack for Powerful Muscular-Skeletal Recovery

This super-antioxidizing carbon molecule emulsified in delicious olive oil is described in quite spectacular terms by elite athletes as a biohack for rapid workout recovery. 

  • It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory medicine, mitigation of muscular-skeletal inflammation is crucial to workout recovery and healing of micro-injuries.
  • In a survey of over one hundred C60 users, 66% agreed that had the effect of more muscle strength, faster recovery after endurance.
  • It’s a sleep hack that when taken before bed, for many, results in profound, deeply restorative healing sleep.
  • In 2017 a team of European researchers collaborated on a study that identified C60 as a promising therapeutic agent for mitigating muscle fatigue and enhancing muscle endurance.
  • It’s a mitochondrial antioxidant that over time increases the pool of stem cells available for your body to draw on to rebuild muscle, tendons, and tissue.

The best part is that it’s the closest thing to a No-Risk biohack, it doesn’t stimulate or hack your hormones, you don’t build up a tolerance to it, it just combats the myriad toxins in your body and cells that hold the body back from fixing itself. is the Gold Standard in C60 - and the best thing… don’t charge gold prices.

What the anti-aging studies made clear was that nothing but the very best, fresh, pure olive oil is crucial to the absorption and use of the C60 by our bodies. This is not the crappy olive oil that you’ll find for sale at your local grocery store. Try our stuff and you’ll taste the difference!

What athletes are saying about our C60...


Jeremy Ison:

“I could feel the effects from day 1. After a couple of days I noticed my workouts in the gym were much more intense and I didn't wear down as fast... The day after my workout, the soreness was greatly reduced compared to before I took this product. It saves you time and increases your quality of life so you aren't feeling the effect of your workout the next day.”


Steve K.:

“I have been taking C60 for a while now after hearing about it on a message board and I can really tell an improvement in my sleep and recovery from the gym has improved. I'll definitely continue to use it.”


Zachary p:

“I’ve used this the past few days before the gym and I notice having more endurance and also my sleep has been better.”



“After about six weeks of daily use of C60, I have noticed an impressive improvement of several chronic conditions. I use it pre-workout because since I started using it my workouts are very intense.”

Take Your Recovery to the Next Level with C60+CBD Olive Oil

This product ads some high-quality lab-tested CBD as a cofactor the C60. CBD has a fantastic effect of dissolving stress and putting you to sleep just moments after laying your heavy head down on the pillow. You awake feeling totally renewed and ready to take on the day. it’s such a potent sleep hack that I only use it sparingly and only after my most intense workout days. CBD will assuage your aching muscles and give your body the deep recovery sleep it needs. It’s a little pricier but a single bottle lasts between one and three months depending upon how often you need it for ultra-recovery and pain relief.

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