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9 Benefits of BPC-157

BPC stands for Body Protection Compounds, an apt acronym as this peptide's chief utility seems to be as a biohack for resilience and healing. In gym bro slang, it's referred to as The Wolverine Drug, if you recall, in the X-Men movies Wolverine has a superhuman capacity to heal his own body - that's sort of what BPC-157 enables.

You can find over a hundred scientific papers and studies on it on Pubmed, to date no human clinical human trials have been completed. It's a research chemical for biohackers with higher risk tolerance. However, since BPC-157 is such a darling of the self-experimentation community online there's much that we can ascertain from anecdotal reports.

9 Benefits of BPC-157

Healing Hack

It heals tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even bones. I list this first because this is its real strength. Anyone who's spent much time in the gym knows that if you want to put on muscle you need to really push yourself and inevitably you'll suffer some sort of injury. I go to the gym regularly and I've noticed a micro-injury in my left elbow, it's just a little sensitive, it (almost imperceptibly) hurts at the end of a day and is a bit strained after a gym session. It's not quite enough suffering for me to justify quitting the gym or really worrying about it. I can imagine if I pushed myself even harder in the gym, I'd have numerous niggling little injuries and I would be willing to experiment with a research chemical like this that hacks healing

From a 2018 paper that explains its wide-ranging angiogenic effects:

BPC 157 - using same regimens like in gastrointestinal healing studies - improves tendon, ligament and bone healing, accurately implementing its own angiogenic effect in the healing. Thus, we claim that just BPC 157 represents in practice a pharmacological and pathophysiological role of various peptidergic growth factors.

Angiogenesis means the birth of new blood cells.

A Biohacker on Longecity reports that it mitigated his carpal tunnel:

The results have been little short of astounding. The very next day I saw marked improvement. I have a number of problems that seem to be tendon or connective tissue related. My wrist has bothered me a lot for over a year, might be carpal tunnel since its in that area. I had to switch hands using the mouse which I am now used to doing. Next morning the wrist did not bother me. I have had lower back aches and pain for decades...

If big pharma had been able to patent this it would cost $500 a mg and people would buy it. If one dose makes that much improvement people would pay. Lucky for us its dirt cheap. Even if you pay $50 a vial as many charge, you will get your money's worth if its the real thing.

My theory is that the bpc 157 may have caused the swelling and inflammation in the tendons to subside. That is something that could have happened overnight. If they are not so tightly packed going through that area that would relieve much of the stress and could account for some or all of the pain relief. The other areas with tendon discomfort are doing better too. Medical studies have shown it speeds the healing of tendons and can cause a tendon to reattach after separation when it did not do so on its own.

Growth Factor Hack

BPC-157 stimulates growth factor EGF-1 and EGR-1 nerve growth factor. Nerve growth is great, it empowers neuroplasticity; the capacity of the mind to change, adapt and heal itself. We can attribute the Nootropic effects some report to the nerve growth stimulation.

One of the few animal studies done outside of Croatia was done by a Taiwanese team of researchers in 2017, it concluded BPC 157 accelerates the blood flow recovery and vessel number...

It often starts works surprisingly fast, one biohacker reported...

On day 4 of injectable BP-157. I don't have any pronounced injuries at the moment, rather a host of small nagging aches and pains as well as general anhedonia... Thus far there seems to be a bit of a rejuvenating feeling/quality. I feel better rested and in a better mood. Recovery from my last leg workout has been faster for sure. Mood/motivation is definitely improved as is response to caffeine...which now gives a smoother, calmer effect. Small back injury pain has subsided as has my chronic plantar faciatus pain.

Leaky Gut

BPC-157 does wonders for a cantankerous gut and gastrointestinal system. If you suffer from leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome or digestion issues it's probably worth experimenting with.

The Croatians did several studies evaluating this, a 2017 paper explains the connection between gut issues and stress...

Logically, from the gastrointestinal tract viewpoint, such organoprotective/healing response implies the angiogenic growth factors that commonly signify the healing. Thereby, the gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157-organoprotection (huge range of beneficial effects) signifies the Selye's stress concept/stress coping response implemented in and from gastrointestinal tract, and BPC 157 as an integrative mediator that integrates the adaptive bodily response to stress.

Another 2012 Croatian paper, discusses it's anti-inflammatory effects in the gut...

Hopefully, the lessons from animal studies, particularly advanced intestinal anastomosis healing, reversed short bowel syndrome and fistula healing indicate BPC 157's high significance in further [inflammatory bowel disease] therapy. Also, this supportive evidence (i.e., no toxic effect, limit test negative, LD1 not achieved, no side effect in trials) may counteract the problems commonly exercised in the use of peptidergic agents...

Gut-Brain Biohack

There's an undeniable connection between gut health and cognitive function. A 2016 paper delves into the Theoretical and Practical Implications of how BPC-157 hacks our neurobiology. 

Brain-gut interaction involves, among others, peptidergic growth factors which are native in GI tract and have strong antiulcer potency and thus could from periphery beneficially affect CNS-disorders.

BPC 157 modulates serotonergic and dopaminergic systems, beneficially affects various behavioral disturbances that otherwise appeared due to specifically (over)stimulated/damaged neurotransmitters systems. Besides, BPC 157 has neuroprotective effects...

BPC 157, a gastric peptide, may serve as remedy in various CNS-disorders.


It's demonstrated to have Neuroprotective effects in animal studies. More Neuroprotection is good, this means that your mind is more resilient to stress, anxiety, and toxicity of modernity.

Treating Ulcers

One of the earlier Croatian papers delves into its potential treating ulcers:

BPC 157, in addition to an antiulcer effect efficient in therapy of inflammatory bowel disease... so far only tested in clinical phase II, has a very safe profile, and exhibited a particular wound healing effect.

A 2004 Chinese study confirmed its effects in an animal study...

Both [intramuscular] and [intragastric] administered gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 can apparently ameliorate acute gastric ulcer in rats and antagonize the protracted effect of acetate challenge on chronic ulcer. The effect of im administration of BPC 157 is better than that of [intragastric], and the effective dosage of the former is lower than that of the latter.

Cancer Treatment

Apparently, it rescues animals in studies from cancer cachexia, a metabolic downstream effect of cancer that is responsible for 20% of cancer deaths.

In this review, we propose the potential application of BPC157, one of the active cytoprotective agents isolated from gastric juices for cancer cachexia. Before clinical trial, we introduced the evidence showing BPC157 rescued from cancer cachexia supported with explored mode of actions.

Addiction Recovery

As a healing agent, it can (supposedly) be miracle medicine for some whose bodies have been racked by years of drug or alcohol addiction. Teddy relayed his story on Longecity:

In my experience, BPC itself is stimulating, but that may be only because it is counteracting my benzo creating rebound stimulation... I wrecked my memory too, via 30+ years of drugs/alcohol, and I am not as smart as I used to be, either. It sucks. I used to be a Goddamn genius.  :laugh: But it's true, Mayo Clinic measured me! I will never get that back, BUT, just this morning I got something else. (Keep in mind my entire life has been pretty traumatic with sexual abuse, eating disorders, depression, anhedonia, alcoholism, meth OD, benzos.)

[On BPC-157]...what I had this morning was a good window of time where I felt something I can't ever remember feeling before in my life. Right after waking, I had this energy that wasn't forced by stimulants. It was like a weightless, perfectly balanced energy in both mind and body.

In this podcast, hacker extraordinaire Patrick Kroupa describes how he's used BPC-157 to rehabilitate his mind and body from heroin addiction.

BPC-157 reduces depression (maybe), a strong argument can be made that it raises serotonin, which some users attribute an antidepressive effect to.


Ryan Michael Ballow here. notes that 300 - 500 micrograms of it produced a sublime Nootropic effect, spiked his libido and enhanced sleep quality. 

Since there's not yet any published human research on the stuff we have to make our judgment about it based upon what people are saying about the stuff. Anecdotally, it is often a godsend to the injured, if I ever catch a series gym or sports injury I'd use it.

Infinite Age offers capsuled BPC-157

Around the internet, you’ll find BPC-157 sold as an injectable peptide. This involves using a needle and going through the tricky process of mixing the powdered peptides in bacteriostatic water very carefully to avoid compromising the very molecularly fragile peptides. When buying peptides online you also have to be wary about Chinese sourced peptides, which are sometimes not the real thing. We simplify things with this capsuled BPC-157 manufactured in the USA. Several clinical studies including one published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research demonstrated that oral BPC-157 is likely equally effective as injection.

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