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BPC-157 dosage: Don't buy BPC-157 before you read this

BPC-157 is a very special biohack but you need to treat it with the respect it deserves...

  • There is no universal protocol usage protocol that comes from human research or manufacturers' recommendations, you need to do some reading, figure out what works for others and then meticulously record your dosage and the results.
  • The peptides themselves are fragile. If you drop the little bottle on the floor or leave it sitting out on a countertop next to a window in the sunlight the peptides may be damaged.
  • A lot of the BPC-157 that you can find for sale online is sourced from dodgy Chinese manufacturers that product bunk stuff. You need to check COAs before pressing the buy button to make sure you're getting pure stuff.

The good news is that it lives up to its acronym (Body Protection Compound), it's a powerful agent of healing and resilience. You may find, like many other biohackers, that $60 - $90 spent on BPC-157 results in transformative healing that would cost thousands of dollars were it administered via surgery or mainstream medicine.


It can be taken orally, subcutaneously or intramuscularly, but in my anecdotal analysis, it would seem that subcutaneously is the way to go. Subcutaneous means injecting it shallowly into the skin, the least invasive kind of injection. Intramuscularly means injecting it a little deeper into a muscle.

Should you inject it in the spot where you need healing or just anywhere?

Some biohackers inject it into subcutaneous fat deposits but it does absorb via osmosis like any other drug or supplement. If you're taking it for general healing and protection, you can shoot it in a non-specific fat deposit. If you're taking it to heal an injury, you'll want to shoot it in the general vicinity of the spot that needs healing. Importantly, you want to sanitize the injection site before and after with an alcohol swab, along with the needle itself and of course, you should wash your hands.

A relevant anecdotal report from Longecity:

I inject it in my knees that suffer as a result of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I used to inject it subcutaneously into the belly and while it seemed to decrease overall pain (within half an hour after administering it) it didn't help with local inflammation it seemed to me. Whenever I inject it locally (subcutaneously into the skin on top of the inflamed area) I can feel a decrease in stiffness and pain and joint function seems to improve temporarily. On the other hand: I don't see a difference in local swelling unfortunately. But all in all: there is a marked difference to me when injecting it subcutaneously into the belly vs locally.

You're going to want to watch some Youtube videos about how to do the subcutaneous injection.

Apparently, intramuscular injection is quite painful as you have to jab it deeper in, which seems unnecessary as subcutaneous administration works pretty consistently.

Take it once or twice a day.

Dosage and Cycling

If we derive the dosage from animal studies, this is approximately what you would want to take...

100lb person/90 μg

150lb person/110 μg

200lb person/145 μg

250lb person/180 μg 

μg stands for microgram, a microgram is one-thousandth of a milligram, a thousand micrograms is a milligram and a milligram itself is a very small quantity. So BPC-157 is potent stuff! Some biohackers take 300 - 500 micrograms daily, no human clinical trials have established an upper limit or toxicity so...

  1. Week One - Start with the proportional dosages from the animal studies. Record and be mindful of the changes you notice.
  2. Week Two - Double the proportional dosage and see how you tolerate it. Does it make much of a difference?
  3. Week Three - Increase to a high-end dose, as much as 500 micrograms daily (or however much you can reasonably afford). Does the high-end dosage make a difference?
  4. Week Four - Go off it. Take a week break

I wouldn't place BPC-157 in my biohacking cabinet next to B-Vitamins, C60, magnesium or other anti-aging supplements that I take on a regular basis. According to the anecdotal reports, it works pretty quickly, you may not even need to go through this 4-week course, take it as you need to and go off it once it's done its job.

Mixing the BPC-157 Solution

Many places around the internet you can buy BPC-157 pre-mixed with bacteriostatic water, I think that's the best option and it's very affordable, but you can also purchase the raw powdered peptides in which case you need to mix it yourself with bacteriostatic water

You'll need to do a little math at this step, to determine the dosage you'll need to convert the milligram amount to micrograms and then divide that by the milliliters of water added.

Let's say that you have a 5-milligram (5000 micrograms) supply of peptides, add 30 milliliters of water to that bottle, so each milliliter = 166 micrograms of BPC-157. You'll want to inject about 2 milliliters (333 micrograms)

The syringe should indicate how many milliliters filled it is.

You might be using more or less bacteriostatic water with a different quantity of BPC-157, so break out your calculator and double-check your math. The good news is that if you make a mistake don't quite get the dose right there's no danger, BPC-157 is not like some drugs or supplements that become toxic or dangerous if you accidentally double or triple the dosage. It's important to be accurate for your own self-quantification; so you can track how different doses are affecting you.

When you add the bacteriostatic water, what you don't want to do is shake up the bottle, the peptides are very fragile and this may damage them, rendering them ineffective. The fragility of these peptides cannot be understated; when you add the water to the bottle of peptides you don't want to drip or stream the water directly on the peptides, you want to stream the water towards the sides of the bottle so it runs down into the powdered peptides instead of splashing on them.

You're going to need needles to inject it, 1ml/1cc, with 28 gauge 1/2 inch attached needles are recommended as the gauge is small enough that it won't hurt much.

Throughout this process sanitation is crucial. You're going to want to use alcohol swabs to sanitize the needle, the syringe, the bottle cap and crucially the injection site on your body before and after injection. Throw out needles after you've used them once.

Oral Dosing

Taking it orally is probably a better option, as it works systemically as a peptide. A 2010 study compared oral and injection in animals and it found the effect similar:

BPC 157 [dosed rats] exhibited consistent functional, biomechanical, macroscopic and histological healing improvements. Thus, we suggest BPC 157 improved healing of acute ligament injuries in further ligament therapy.
If you take it, it goes where it needs to go in your body to heal what needs to be healed. I'd suggest that you do a week of oral vs subcutaneous administration and just judge for yourself. Infinite Age offers precisely engineered BPC-157 capsules that greatly simplify self-administering this transformative peptides.

BPC 157 [dosed rats] exhibited consistent functional, biomechanical, macroscopic and histological healing improvements. Thus, we suggest BPC 157 improved healing of acute ligament injuries in further ligament therapy.

Around the internet biohackers and users debate about whether it works better if administered to a specific spot or not, it's claimed that it works systemically; that if you take it, it goes where it needs to go in your body to heal what needs to be healed. I'd suggest that you do a week of oral vs subcutaneous administration and just judge for yourself.

If you're squeamish about needles (or just want to experiment) you can try it orally but you don't take it as a pill or capsule. You'll measure it out in bacteriostatic water, and deposit it in your mouth with a dropper; leave it in your mouth for about 2 minutes before swallowing. Again, it's fragile stuff so drip it into your mouth slowly.


To maximize the benefit from BPC-157 you would want to take it along with some supplements that feed you the building blocks for synthesizing new connective tissue such as collagen and fish oil. If you want to take your peptide experimentation to the next level, you can stack it with TB-500, another peptide with rapid healing properties that some world-class athletes use alongside BPC-157 in this dosing protocol...

BPC-157 250 micrograms

2X Daily

TB-500 2.5 milligrams

2X Weekly

"Not for Human Consumption"

On the different websites offering it, the text...

Research Chemical

For Research Purposes

Not For Human Consumption

...will appear conspicuously, this is because it falls into this gray legal territory, being legal to sell and possess but not recognized by the government as a medicine or supplement. Does this mean that you (being human) shouldn't consume it? You have to decide for yourself based upon what others are saying. If you consume it and something bad happens (which is highly unlikely) you're on your own, you (probably) have no legal recourse against the manufacturer or whoever sold it to you.

How can BPC-157 be used?

  • It's called the Wolverine Drug because it can quickly heal wounds and injuries. Particularly, tendon injuries and micro-tearing of ligaments. It won't mend a broken arm but it may really make a big difference in recovery.
  • Treating stomach ulcers.
  • Healing Achilles tendon injuries and tears.
  • Healing of corticosteroid-impaired muscle.
  • Treating gut inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome and righting gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Infinite Age offers capsuled BPC-157
Around the internet, you’ll find BPC-157 sold as an injectable peptide. This involves using a needle and going through the tricky process of mixing the powdered peptides in bacteriostatic water very carefully to avoid compromising the very molecularly fragile peptides. When buying peptides online you also have to be warry about Chinese sourced peptides, which are sometimes not the real thing. We simplify things with this capsuled BPC-157 manufactured in the USA. Several clinical studies including one published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research demonstrated that oral BPC-157 is likely equally effective as injection.

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