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Can you take BPC orally?

BPC is called the Wolverine Drug because of its fantastic healing capacities, but as you’ll remember from the X-Man movies Wolverine’s gift is also a curse, he suffers much pain because of his extraordinary abilities.

BPC is also kind of a pain to use if you are reconstituting the peptide powders with bacteriostatic water and injecting it with a syringe.

This anti-aging peptide is most often sold as raw peptide powders, which are very fragile; if they are shaken, stirred, exposed to sunlight, left unrefrigerated or dropped on the floor they may be rendered useless. It must then be mixed very carefully with bacteriostatic water and injected with a syringe. It’s a small gauge needle that you inject intramuscularly so it’s not awfully painful but you want to be very careful about sanitizing everything to avoid any kind of infection of the injection site.

Unfortunately, you need to be very skeptical peptides because the market is flooded with really questionable Chinese-manufactured BPC. The Chinese will fake and Photoshop both certificates of analysis (COA) and expiration documents to wholesale shoddy product to online vendors. Many online vendors unwittingly peddle toxin-tainted, expired or fake BPC because Chinese manufacturers will often send an initial supply of legit peptides which will pass spectroscopy analysis but subsequent supplies will be bad. Unfortunately, you just can’t trust Chinese-sourced peptides, don’t order or consume peptides without first seeing a COA from an American laboratory (like this) with a legit address and phone number.

A COA like this means that the accredited American lab running the HPLC stands behind their analysis, even in court. Their accreditation may be jeopardized if a product, supplement or peptide that receives their stamp of approval turns out to not be the real thing. If you can call a lab like this to verify their spectroscopy results, you can be assured of the legitimacy.

What makes BPC worth all this trouble?

  • Bodybuilders and athletes call it the Wolverine Drug because it powerfully stimulates human growth factor. It accelerates tendon, ligament, muscle and bone healing.
  • It’s an effective anti-inflammatory agent, especially in the gut, a 2012 study showed this effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut, and ulcerative colitis (ulcers).
  • It works fast, especially for healing joints and micro-injuries, there’s abundant anecdotal evidence that as little as several days or a week of administration will make a noticeable difference problematic joint issues.
  • BPC is not typically used the same way that other anti-aging Nootropics or health supplements are - you don’t need to take it daily or in cycles. It typically takes 1-4 weeks of dosage to heal injuries or fix digestion issues and then you won’t need to take it anymore - you can just store whatever is left in your refrigerator.

Equally efficacious drugs, health supplements and anti-aging Nootropics will often cost more than a hundred dollars a month, sometimes a lot more.

The good news is that considering the significant health benefits, BPC is relatively inexpensive, between $25 - $60 monthly depending upon dosage and purpose of usage. If you want to use it, unless you have some competence using laboratory chemistry equipment, there’s a better option that I will direct your attention to, capsuled BPC.

BPC is a Systemic Peptide

Since it’s a natural peptide produced in our gut, when BPC is supplemented our bodies know what to do with it. It works systemically and is utilized where our bodies need it. Three scientific studies have evaluated the oral form of BPC...

  • An animal study evaluated its wound healing capacities taken orally, it concluded BPC  improved healing of acute ligament injuries in further ligament therapy...
  • A 2018 study evaluated oral BPC as a treatment for alcohol-caused mouth lesions and found it to be an effective therapy.
  • Interestingly, a 2018 study evaluated oral BPC as a treatment for Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder and it found that the peptide made a difference in colony integrity as it enhanced the collective immunity of the bees to pathogens.

There are over 130 other scientific papers and animal studies published on Pubmed.

Infinite Age offers hassle-free capsuled BPC

  • 60 capsules containing 500 micrograms (MCG), the typical dosage that biohackers take.
  • Our BPC is tested for purity and quality by licensed American testing laboratories (view COA)
  • $45.95 per bottle or $32 with a monthly subscription (30% savings)


With the absence of a human clinical trial, we need to look at the anecdotal evidence for oral BPC, here’s what our customers are saying about it...


Raymond R on Amazon

“Such a wonder supplement to repair or heal almost any type of injury or condition. I’ve used BPC to fix my mother’s tennis elbow, and to heal my wife’s sciatic nerve pain caused from a disc herniation. I’m glad I’ve finally been able to find an oral version. The oral method works just as effective and systematically. I’m using it now to heal my leaky gut that I’ve recently been diagnosed with.”


Chris on Amazon

Since having been taking BPC, my knee pain is gone! There happened just three days. But, I’ll wait to go running so that I can make sure not to reInjure myself. What really gave me some indication that this product was working was that after my bench day I noticed that I experienced less discomfort immediately following my workout and that my shoulder wasn’t giving me as much discomfort the following days and seemed to fade faster than it had in the past.”


Great for injury/recovery from Brandon on Amazon

“I’ve had some tendinitis issues in my right bicep tendon and left knee ever since some kickboxing fights years ago. It has helped pretty much get rid of the achy feeling and associated pain; I’m actually able to do things that utilize it! (Kickboxing, weights, etc). Great product because it’s not an injectable which has caused me to shy away from using it in the pasty.”


It works! From Joseph Burgey on Amazon

“At first I was skeptical about oral BPC. I’ve heard it only works injectable. After reading studies done on it, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work orally.

IT WORKS. After 5 days of taking 1 cap a day. It literally healed my bloating issues that I had been dealing with for years. I’m so thankful for finding this. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is dealing with gut issues.”

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