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NMN the Epigenetic Vitamin for Smarter Immunity

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is the epigenetic vitamin, it feeds your genome a crucial chemical it needs to switch on the right genes at the right times which makes your immune system all the more adaptive.

NMN is a highly bioavailable source of the NAD+ molecule, which is renowned by top anti-aging scientists as an anti-aging gamechanger because of it’s capacity to modulate Sirtuins, the light switches of the genome.

"NAD will turn out to be one of the greatest advances in medical science since Fleming invented penicillin."

According to Dr. Philip Milgram, researcher, and practitioner - he’s not alone in his optimism about the tremendous health potential of NAD+. The science indicates that this molecule and its precursor, NMN, not only make your immune system smarter, they also improve its memory.


NAD+ could be construed as an immune adaptogen; adaptogens are renowned as medicines that regulate down your nervous system when it’s chronically overactivated. High performers take adaptogens so that they aren’t stressed and running on Adrenaline all the time. Similarly, NAD+ assuages immune inflammation. You can imagine your immune system like your buddy who is always looking for a fight when you take him to the bar (hopefully you don’t actually have any friends like this!) and NAD+ is your level-headed buddy who talks him down and keeps everybody out of trouble.


The Epigenetics-Immunity Connection

Is a hot area of research, on Pubmed, there are hundreds of papers delving into this connection and over 150 scientific papers detail the connection between NMN, NAD+, and immune function.


A 2018 Dutch paper, Epigenetics and Trained Immunity, explains how your immune system has a memory of its own that relies on epigenetic function

In line with its proposed role in sustaining cellular memories, epigenetic reprogramming has emerged as a critical determinant of trained immunity... to improve the prevention and treatment of infections and immune-mediated chronic disorders.

To draw a metaphor; perhaps in your life, a younger, more naive, you dated a bad person. It was a bad experience that you didn’t care to repeat so you knew what red flags to watch out for and you avoided dating bad people like that from then on. Your immune system is similar. What makes the Coronavirus that has brought the world economy to a halt so problematic is that its novel, hence the designation nCoV, our immune systems haven’t encountered it before which makes us more vulnerable. The good news is that after we catch the bug our immune systems learn to defend against it when we inevitably encounter it again and likely even when it mutates next winter, if our epigenetic function is firing on all cylinders.

The paper concludes...

These findings add to the growing body of literature supporting a prominent role for the epigenome in recording adaptive experiences. In particular, they shed light on the potential mechanisms underlying primed and persistent transcriptional memory in innate immune training and tolerance. 


A 2019 German paper explains how NAD plays a role in maintaining a balance between immune inflammation and non-response. Immune suppression is obviously a big problem, this is what cancer patients suffer from during chemotherapy, but immune inflammation can be equally problematic, it results in all sorts of nasty autoimmune conditions or a cytokine storm.

[Adenine nucleotides] play important roles in immunity and inflammation... [Adenine nucleotides] derived from ATP or NAD play important roles in many cells of the immune system, including T lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils and others. These intracellular [Adenine nucleotides] are signaling molecules that transduce incoming signals into meaningful cellular responses, e.g. activation of immune responses against pathogens.


A Singaporean paper published in International Immunity, emphasizes NAD+’s role as a crucial chemical cog in the regulation of the immune system and suggests that pharmacologically intervention, presumably supplementation of NAD+ enhances immunity.

Maintenance of NAD+ levels is essential for cell energy homeostasis, survival, proliferation and function. Mounting evidence points to NAD+ as one of the major modulators of immuno-metabolic circuits, thus regulating immune responses and functions. Recent studies delineate impaired host NAD+ metabolism during chronic infections and inflammation, suggesting NAD+ replenishment as an avenue to ameliorate deleterious inflammatory responses... NAD+ metabolism can be intervened with pharmacologically to enhance the host's immunological fitness against pathogens.


An Austrian study notes its promise in assuaging intestinal inflammation which impacts immunity

Our data emphasise the importance of NAD immunometabolism for mucosal immunity and highlight FK866-mediated NAMPT blockade as a promising therapeutic approach...


NMN and the “Placebo Effect”

The shallow skeptic will often handwave away transformative, game-changing anti-aging tools like NMN, saying something like...

Sounds like “snake oil” to me! Yeah, there’s a lot of people that it works for but that’s only because of the placebo effect. I’m not so gullible, I wouldn’t try it.

And they aren’t totally wrong. The placebo effect is an ever-present factor in our responses, both positive and negative, to medicine and it is powerful, outperforming many drugs and even surgery. In fact, if we look at placebo-controlled clinical trials about 50% of the effects that we enjoy from the medicines we take are due to the placebo effect. But, here’s where things get interesting, the placebo effect is a manifestation of epigenetics, it’s not magic, it’s part of our epigenome telling our body to fix itself. The fact that NAD+ fuels our epigenome to do its job means that we can anticipate the placebo effect to be multiplied or potentiated by supplementing something like NMN. This is great news as it stands to reason that anything else we are doing or taking to empower our health and immunity, which we believe in, will be made all the more effective by the epigenetic uptick.


Infinite Age in the USA offers pure, lab-tested NMN

Both capsuled (for convenience) and powdered (more economical) are verified by an accredited American lab and manufactured in a GMP facility.


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