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Have you ever wished that somebody who’s as dedicated as you are to staying young and healthy longer would apply the same uncompromising standards you would develop and market anti-aging supplements? 

Our founder and CEO, Russell Symes, wished for the same thing, but he couldn’t find a line of anti-aging supplements that were up to his biohacker-quality standards. 

Thankfully, he had already been a biohacker since his early twenties, the time when he changed his life from, in his words, “being a skinny twig with a belly to an athletic guy” and finding himself far more desirable to women and a more commanding presence among men.

Inspired by the founders own early signs of aging

When Russell reached his early thirties, he was shocked that he started to see gray hairs and the first signs of little wrinkles around his eyes. He compared how he was starting to look with photos of himself when he was in his early twenties. The comparison was all he had to see.

It really hit him. He was no longer young. If he wanted to live longer, he could no longer eat bad foods and skimp out on sleep like he’d been doing his whole life.

He began his quest to find compounds that would slow down his own aging process. 

His mission was to change the biomarkers of his blood work so that his blood work showed the biomarkers of a younger person.

Russell was looking for the most effective compounds known to science but also compounds that were tested by reputable labs. To qualify, the compounds had to be shown in scientific studies to be highly effective and completely safe. 

He was finally able to select what he felt were the best compounds available. He started to take them and saw that in a short amount of time his skin had a glowing appeal to it, he looked younger, and he was getting back to the same level of energy he had in his twenties. 

His biomarkers drastically changed. His blood work showed that he was a 31 year old man living in a 20 year old body. 

Infinite Age Co. is launched  

Russell decided a great service he could do for other anti-aging biohackers is to create a one-stop shop for them to get the supplements they need to slam the brakes on the aging process. 

The Infinite Age Mission Statement 

Russell started in the alternative supplement business three years ago with this mission statement: Slow down the aging process for biohackers by using only the most effective anti-aging ingredients from the best manufacturers and use only the highest-rated testing labs to assure the quality and safety of the supplements. Then charge the fairest price possible for them – and donate a portion of the profits to the young scientists and scholars of tomorrow.

Because without the science and research performed by scientists, there would be no longevity extension and biohacking. 

He added the sentence about price because while he found there is a huge markup on the compounds, no matter whether they’re made in China or the USA. So he knew he could save other biohackers a lot of money. He donates to anti-aging research, because he wants the science to advance even farther. He keeps up with the latest developments and implements them as soon research demonstrates they’re safe and effective.

Start to put the brakes on your aging process today.


A portion of all profits donated to anti-aging research

Infinite Age Co. donates a portion of all profits to help our young scientists and doctors through school. These are the people who will further the research of anti-aging and biohacking.

Our goal is to fund scholarships for young scientists and doctors that will enable humans to enjoy longer and longer lives while they remain young-looking, physically fit, and as mentally sharp as ever. 

We keep up with the research and implement the latest breakthroughs as soon as they’ve been proven to be safe and effective.


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