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Ron Daniels Discovers the Power of Biohacking to Reverse Aging

So for me, I used to be an athlete in high school and part of college. So I know what it feels like to be at peak physical condition. I would say from 27 till 32 I felt a significant decline I couldn’t just overcome “naturally”. No amount of protein shakes and eating healthy and exercise would help. I knew that it was time to use science. I want to lead a full active healthy life. So I had to rebalance my hormones and learn about alternative supplements that you can’t just get from GNC or Vitamin shop. 

There is science and research out there. I used to work for a pharmaceutical retailer and I learned that when you see someone in their 59’s that looks amazing or even 30’s 9 times out of ten they are using science to be their best. 

I recently got into biohacking and looking for ways to improve my overall health and well-being. When I hit my 30’s I noticed a sharp decline in energy and change in my body composition.  I began to experiment with every natural herb to feel like my old self. I used to be a really great athlete in high school and college. 

I maintained my athleticism into my twenties. I assumed things would stay that way at least until I was 50 if I just ate right and exercised. Eating right and exercising play a major part in health but there are times we need to supplement the right products to allow us to reach our full potential.

After extensive research the supplement I found the most promising was NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide).  This molecule regulates energy to cellular mitochondria by converting to NAD in our bodies. This allows our cells to operate at peak conditions. The laboratory research shows that this key function can significantly slow down the aging process in mice and even increase the lifespan of these mice. Small sample studies on it have shown really great benefits with minimal negative side-effects. Since taking this compound I have noticed a substantial increase. I’m energetic and have a feeling of well being.

I am currently in a leadership position with my organization and I need to be at my top level everyday. These supplements help me to be my best. I take my NMN stack my nootropic stack and I have great mental clarity and physical well being.


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