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What Happens When We Age

Aging is a part of life. 

It’s normal.

But it doesn’t always feel that way. And reduced stamina is just the beginning. Wrinkles start to make their appearance due to thinning skin and decreasing collagen. The years of all those mornings on the treadmill start to show up in the form of achy joints. Combine that with lower muscle mass and stamina and you can almost feel yourself aging.

You’re also sleeping worse (which doesn’t help). Studies have even shown that as you age, it takes longer to fall asleep and you get less quality sleep. It’s no wonder why we wake up feeling sluggish. 

And the physical effects are just part of it. According to one study, mental effects can start to take place at the age of 24. Your clarity and focus start to suffer and your concentration isn’t what it was when you were younger.

Fortunately, there’s a cutting-edge supplement, called NMN by Infinite Age, which actually reduces some of the effects of aging.


Improve Cellular Health

Most of the aging effects we feel are simply our body’s cellular functions slowing down. As we age, so do our cells. It’s no surprise to learn that healthy cells are crucial for all bodily functions. See, scientists have been researching a powerful substance called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which could hold the key to reverse aging.


Think of NAD as the fuel to a car. NAD is in every cell of your body and as its “gas” starts to run out, our cellular functions start to slow down.  NAD is involved in a variety of functions including proper brain function, muscle contraction, blood flow, and even turning food into energy.


But as we age and face the stressors of everyday life, our NAD levels naturally decline. And while we can make better lifestyle choices to slow down the decline, it’s not always enough to boost our NAD levels. 


The more research that is done on NAD, the more we realize its importance. Research suggests that high NAD levels can also help increase cell metabolism, support liver function, and keep your cholesterol levels in check. And with Infinite Age, you can help boost these levels naturally.


Charles Brenner, Ph.D., and one of the world’s foremost experts on NAD, says “ boosting NAD, we can protect NAD-dependent processes and age better.''

Boosting NAD

Boosting NAD in our bodies occurs when we take NAD precursors, which are then later converted to NAD. And one of the most powerful compounds that does this is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, or NMN for short.


Research suggests that by taking NMN daily, you’re able to drastically improve your NAD levels. Infinite Age helps boost NAD levels to optimal levels to provide you with the added energy you need to power through the day say goodbye to those groggy days. And since it’s a direct NAD precursor supplement, it absorbs in the small intestine and creates NAD within 30 minutes.


Infinite Age has great potential to benefit functions throughout your body. And while Infinite Age can affect users in different ways, most users simply refer to it as a “life-changer”. 


Infinite Age is available for purchase as a single bottle or as a bundle for those who want the most value out of their order. 


We can’t stop aging, but it doesn’t have to define you. Take action now so you can feel your best and redefine how you age.

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