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Are you average? How long have you been putting up with it? What happened to you? Did you get passed over for the promotion? Did you come in second place again? Did you have another failed relationship? Are you depressed? Are you unfulfilled?

Why does being average hurt so bad? Being average makes you feel mediocre and inferior to everyone around you.

You feel insignificant, not valuable, and not respected. You think everyone is looking down upon you, starting with your own self. You procrastinate and fear failing. You even become jealous of the high-performers, the ones who seem to have it all.

Stop it!

Are you ready for the plot twist in the story of your life? Are you ready to become exceptional, outstanding, and have fulfilling confidence? Are you ready to leave average behind and discover your inner superhero?

If you are ready, then what’s holding you back? Is it a lack of motivation or simply not knowing what you need to do? Are you ready to biohack your way from average to exceptional?

What is biohacking? Biohacking is do-it-yourself biology. You make small changes to your lifestyle and diet and create change in your life.

The challenge biohackers have is finding quality products from a quality company that you can trust. You need to have confidence that what you put into your body is going to accomplish your goals. You need the supplements you use to be pure and contain only the best ingredients.
Infinite Age is the
biohacker’s dream store

We create every one of our cutting-edge supplements in a GMP certified facility. Every purchase includes a certificate of purity from a third-party laboratory.

Why do we go the extra mile? You need it. You need to know that you are getting the highest quality. You need to know that you did the right thing by putting your trust in us.

With Infinite Age’s products, you can have the energy you need to win. You can get the edge you need to break out of being average. You can outperform the competition, become exceptional, and become the superhero you want to be.

We are biohackers who help other biohackers. We care about what you care about. We have left average behind and will do everything we can to help you do it, too.
the infinite age
Russell started Infinite Age Co. ago with this mission statement: To give people the supplements they need to stay ahead of the curve and hack their way to success. Whether you are a teacher, lawyer, athlete, or CEO we believe our products can help give you the edge you need to self-optimize and reach your goals.

As self-optimizers and biohackers, we care about what we put into our bodies. Russell, Infinite Age founder, and biohacking enthusiast noticed the lack of transparency in the supplement industry.

The supplement industry is notorious for cutting corners, subpar products, and lack of oversight.

It became part of his mission with Infinite Age to show each customer the purity of the ingredients used to make Infinite Age’s supplements.

With each product bought, he wanted Infinite Age’s customers to rest assured they're getting the high-quality ingredients they deserve.

Making empty claims wasn’t enough. He wanted to prove to his customers that Infinite Age’s ingredients were actually tested for purity.

And that’s exactly why Infinite Age provides purity reports, also known as a certificate of analysis, for each of the ingredients used in their products. And not just any purity report, but a purity from an independent lab located in the United States.

We simply don’t just trust the raw ingredient suppliers. We test the ingredients.

When you want something so badly, and the competition is relentless, you need that mental and physical edge to help achieve your goals.

Russell had a dream. And after some time, it turned into a goal. And that was to become a successful entrepreneur and CEO.

These were high hopes for an average guy who had really never experienced much success in his life. He knew he had to make some changes. Being average wasn’t going to get him to achieve a very UN-AVERAGE goal.

He knew he had to develop habits, have more energy, get better sleep, and maintain a positive mental attitude to beat his competition and achieve his goal.

Russell looked to science to see if there was a way to help him with the components he needed to make this well-needed transformation.

That’s when he discovered biohacking.

The vast array of supplements that could be used to aid in his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur was astounding. You could use supplements to do everything from getting better sleep to helping with creativity.

He also realized that you couldn’t get some of the best supplements for self-optimization in GNC or your local vitamin shop. The market needed something specifically designed for self-optimization and for people seeking to achieve the unachievable.

After years of experimenting with different supplements, millions of dollars in annual revenues, and the launch of three successful businesses, Russell decided to create a brand that people like himself would resonate with.

Welcome to Infinite Age Co.

A brand that’s transparent about its ingredients. A brand that doesn’t just make empty claims, but back its claims with documentation. A brand that provides daily wellness supplements on a subscription basis because life gets busy and re-ordering is forgotten.

A brand that represents achievement, consistent improvement, and doesn’t accept mediocrity.

And neither should you.